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Hi, I feel really down, I best tell you few bits about me first. I'm 25 and I started with joint pain 2 years ago and was diagnosed with arthiritis, I take sulfasalazine and as a result have to have blood tests monthly. Recently my HB levels were showing slightly low (11.3) then in april it was 10.9 with my B12, 133 and my folate, 2.3. The last ones i had done a fortnight ago were HB, 10.6 B12, 130 and folate 2.1. I have an idea what the normal levels are but not what i should be doing because the levels are so low.
My doc started me on B12 injections i have to have 5 in 2 wks then 1 every 3 months. When i had the first one i had a fit (cos i have epilepsy too), but today i had my second one and was fine, Weird!:confused:.
I'm soo tired and have no energy for my daughter. I just wanted to have a moan about it, and see if anyone has any suggestions.:) How long does it take to work? When will i be feeling any better? etc.