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It don't think that the medication caused me to act abnormally (my family would all suggest I was abnormal to begin with), however, when I was on Sustiva many years ago it caused a lot of cardiac issues. I landed in cardiac care and had to have a heart cath but it turned out to be medication related arythmias.

Currently, I'm on Norvir, Truvada, and Rayataz & take each med once a day (in the a.m.) without any side effects. So, yes, there are other meds you may be able to take. Talk to you doctor. chris
I also had some mental health issues after going on sustiva. That is a very common side effect, especially in people with previous mental health issues. I became very agitated and was lashing out at others. Because we knew it was a possibility they gave it 2 months to work itself back out and then changed my medicines.