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I just started on the atkins diet a few days ago and have already lost 2 pounds. I have read that we need lots of protein and that we should avoid white flour and sugar. I really believe that this is true, at least in my case. I feel so much better already after not eating any bread or sugar and increasing the protein. It is also easier to resist the temptation to eat those things I should avoid because I'm loosing my appetite. I have alot more energy and don't ache in my joints as much as I was. Also, the swelling has gone down in my hands.

Another diet that is less restrictive than the atkins diet, but similar is the sugar buster diet. I tried it before I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, but had a hard time staying on it, I think because bread was allowed and I love bread so I ate too much of it.

Another plus to the atkins diet is found on their web site. For free you can sign up and have a weight loss plan on -line. It comes with a journal to record what you eat and also a carb counter so that you can look up all types of foods and see their carb count.

Here is a little of my history: Diagnosed with hypothyroidism in Nov. 02; gained 5 pounds of fluid the first week on synthroid; lost 12 pounds the second week after starting on cytomel; ate like crazy the next few weeks because I could without gaining weight; oops...gained 8 pounds; Jan 03- started weight watchers and lost 2 pounds in 2 weeks; Feb 03- started atkins and lost 2 pounds in 2 days.

By the way, the reason that I like the atkins diet so much is because I was on it several years ago and lost 25 pounds in 2 months and kept it off for over a year. Ten of those pounds I never gained back.

I hope this helps and everyone that reads this:
Have a great day!!