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Hi. I am new here and I have some questions I hope you can all help with.

In July 2001 I had my second child. Afterwards, I was very tired. I noticed a lump in my throat in September, was told it was a goiter and had an u/s. My TSH levels indicated hyperthyroidism. Then I was sent for a thyroid uptake scan in January. My TSH levels were now showing hypo. After all that, the nuclear medicine people said I had hyperthyroidism. My family Dr then sent me to an Endocrinologist, he determined that I had hypothyroidism and put me on Synthroid. That was early March 2002.

I got pregnant in March, and had my third child in December 2002. I had my levels "stable" through that pregnancy and remained on Synthroid and had TSH tested every 4 weeks.

Since her birth, I think my thyroid is imbalanced again, but I am confused here. What are normal TSH levels?

Here are my test results:

Dec. 16 3.20
Dec. 30 0.73
Jan. 16 1.27
Feb. 21 0.37

I am unsure as to what to do. I have called my Endocrinologist, he lives in a different city, and I am awaiting his call. I have an appt. with my family Dr. Monday morning and I plan to get him to test further.