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Hello All,
I am on Synthroid 200mcgs.. I had my Thyroid removed due to cancer in May 02 and RAI June 02. I just do not feel well , Still have a few Hypo symptoms. I have had my blood work done and all looks fine (I think)
TSH 0.70 range 0.34-4.51
Free T4 1.29 range 0.62-1.81
T3 (triiolothyronine)Free 3.1 range 2.2-7.2

What do you All think.. I am really Thinking about asking to go on ARMOUR Thyroid... What are your Thought on Armour???
Before trying Armour, why don't you ask your Dr. if you can try Cytomel along with Synthroid. Also I saw someone mention on another topic that Synthroid has Lactose in it, if you're lactose sensitve, this maybe why you're not feeling your best. In Dr. Arem's book The Thyroid Solution, he has a chapter on the T3/T4 combo. Read up on it and ask your Dr. if this would be beneficial to you.