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I'm about 9.5 wks pregnant & I've taken medication for hypothyroidism for years. However, I wasn't seen for my first prenatal appt./bloodwork until I was 7 wks along, and I was just told late last week that my numbers were way off (thyroid very underactive). I saw my physician today, and he kicked up my Synthroid dosage quite a bit.

However, now I'm scared that - because I'm already 9.5 wks along - my hypothyroidism has hurt my baby irrevocably. I keep reading all these scary things about hypothyroidism & babies w/ low IQs, developmental delays, etc. Is it possible that being on the right dosage of Synthroid from here on out can still protect my baby/prevent problems? Is there any way to tell?

Thanks for listening and for any words of wisdom you can provide,

Hi BLJ -
Yes, my husband and I were actively trying, and we actually became pregnant on the first month of trying (imagine our surprise). :) However, before we started trying, I confirmed with my doctor that my thyroid levels looked good (they did), because hypothyroidism can be a major contributor to both infertility & miscarriage.

Since you know you are hypo, I'm guessing that you are tested regularly/taking medication? If not, you probably want to get in to see your doctor/get tested/start meds (e.g., Synthroid). Also, are you aware of monthly charting/monitoring your basal body temperature (to get familiar w/ your cycle and know when you are ovulating)? If you haven't already picked it up, I highly recommend Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler (should be at your library or local book store).

Hope this helps, and good luck with your pregnancy/conception journey,

I know how you are feeling.

After my 2nd child, I developed postpartum thyroiditis. I was eventually treated with Synthroid when my son was 8 months old. I was no longer breastfeeding, due to a doctors' negligence, I was given a scan with radioactive iodine, told I could continue to nurse, only to be told, 5 minutes later, after I drank that I could not.

Well, my point is, I was put on Synthroid March 8th and tested positve on a pregnancy test April 8th. I was advised, by my endocrinologist, to have my tsh drawn every 4 weeks thru pregnancy and afterwards until my levels remained the same.

My daughter is 3 months and I am still having it drawn monthly.

Good luck, try not to worry, and have you levels checked often.
Hi BLJ -
Pre-conception, my T-4 was 7.2 (considered normal within range of 4.5 and 12.5), and my TSH was 3.75 (considered normal within .40 and 5.5). At that time, I was taking 112 mcg of Synthroid.

Now, I don't know if these "normal ranges" apply to everyone, I'm just reading off my doctor's report. However, if you applied your T-4 to the range given above, your T-4 would be considered too low.

Hope this makes sense - best of luck to you,