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I'm taking evening primrose oil (2 capsules per night) - I freaked out when I read that a side effect of Synthroid is hair loss, as I've already been shedding for years before I was diagnosed with Hashi's (about 2 weeks ago) - I know that sinking feeling of pulling a handfuls of hair out of the comb. I also just had a couple of inches cut off for easier management, use tons of conditioner and comb it through wet to minimize tangles. But I've read hair that's gonna fall out will fall out no matter what. I also try and keep in perspective the fact that it's normal to shed 100 hair per day. Still, I have fairly thin hair and miss every one I lose!

I too trace my symptoms back 5 or so years too. When you look at the list of Hashi's symptoms, it's like a list of everything I've ever felt or had - except weight gain; I'm a runner which helps keep that under control, or if I put on a few pounds I can pretty easily get rid of it by running a few more miles. But I sure hope my hair thickens once my TSH stabilizes ... Good luck to you too.