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I was just diagnosed with Hashimoto's two weeks ago and am still coming to terms with it (shock that I have a "disease," but relief from all I've read that it doesn't seem that bad as far as diseases go). I didn't think I had any major symptoms (the Hashi's was discovered during a routine check-up) but now I realize I was sleeping a lot, had a vague pressure in my throat on and off, was feeling colder than everyone else, had tingling in hands/feet, more hair shedding than usual in recent years, and intermittent depression/anxiety but hey, I live in NYC - who isn't depressed and anxious here these days. I've been on Synthroid for 10 days and go back to the endo in 2 weeks.

Anyway, the thing that scares me most are these antibodies that apparently don't go away and will keep destroying my poor thyroid. I read the German study about selenium reducing antibodies, and did a search here and on the Internet about it. Does anyone have any more info, or personal success stories with their antibodies decreasing while on selenium? I'm trying to conceive and have read those antibodies cause an even higher incidence of miscarriage. I'm taking 200 mcg per day (haven't told my endo yet), and also EPO for the hair shedding.

Thanks for any feedback ... I'm glad I found this message board, as I'd never heard of Hashi's before but now see how common it is.
Thank you for the welcome, ArtfulD. I think I read all the selenium info I could find on this site (and elsewhere on the Internet) - it's my first time in a message forum so I'm trying to do the right thing and not annoyingly ask questions already asked hundreds of times before! A question for you: I think you wrote earlier that thyroid medication can affect period regularity. I started on Synthroid just over two weeks ago. My period was due the first day I took it, but it didn't arrive for ten days (it's always been pretty regular, even though I have Hashimoto's). I phoned my endo on Day 9 to see if this was a normal side effect, and he said No, the Synthroid wouldn't affect my menstrual cycle, and could I pregnant. I said Unlikely but I'd buy a pregnancy test on the way home. He said Oh, those things are unreliable (another surprise, as the pack says 99% accuracy!) and that I should make an appointment. I bought one anyway and it was negative. Then my period arrived the next day so that was that. So is he wrong? Does Synthroid affect the cycle? And if so, does it get back to normal when the TSH stabilizes? Anyone else had this happen?