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I was just diagnosed with hypothyroidism (5'6" 120 lbs. go figure!) yesterday. I was put on synthroid. My question is, can I take it at night before going to bed? I already take Zoloft 50mg in the morning and Clonidine 0.1mg at night, both for menopause symptoms. I took my first synthroid this morning and my head feels out of whack and I have a bad headache. Is this normal and if so what can I do to clear my head? It's awful! I'm scared now to take over the counter things for headache. Thanks for any help.
Thanks Meep for the help. I hate to keep asking questions, but my Doctor said it's ok to take my other meds with the Synthroid. So it would be ok to take the Clonidine and the Synthroid at bedtime?