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Hi - first time user - I hope not to run on too badly.

My labs are calcium 9.3mg/dl, TSH .0741, Thyroid peroxidase<10. Nothing about TS4 or 3? is this normal testing? I'm currently taking 100mcg of levoxil to try to keep my goiter from growing.

My goiter was diagnosed 10 years ago i was put on synthroid 125 to keep it from growing. I was taken off synthroid after my second pregnancy and three aspirations later. The doc said I didn't really need it and it wasn't doing what it was supposed to do.

At present, my neck has grown, it feels like i am walking around with a permanent turtle neck and it sometimes feels like a pill didn't go down all the way.
According to my Labs I am Hyper but I have all the classic symptoms of hypo.

Extremely heavy menstrual flow 21 days/ 28 with levoxil
Mood swings, angry a lot,
coarse hair
cold extremities esp nose and feet,
resting heartrate is in the 50's
extremely slow metabolism 25lbs overweight,
depressed at times
tired a lot
very forgetful
could not get pregnant for a year and than had a miscarriage recently

but my cholesterol is at 107???

My question: I was considering the cosmetically only surgery my endo and surgeon were recommending. But after removal of my entire thyroid gland, will I feel better or worse? Will I gain more weight? Will I be depressed and tired more? Will my life expectency be shortened? Will my cholesterol sky rocket? Will I get diabetes? (My grandmother was morbidly obese and diabetic) Will taking out my thyroid make me more suseptible to follow in my grandmother's shoe's? My Doctor said I would not have a problem with weight after the surgery, is that true?

The only time I felt really great was when I was taking
this thyroid supplement from GNC before the levoxil. I stopped taking it beacause in the fine print it had pancreas substance and thyroid substance and the dr and mfr. could not sxplain what that was. Can any one
can and was it safe to take?

I hope someone can help me out, my biggest fear is of dying early because i took it out.


Goiter lady
Hi GL:
I don't know all the answers to your questions, but you won't get diabetes if your thyroid is removed. Diabetes has to do with your pancreas, which will not be affected. Your grandmother's diabetes was probably due to her weight and not a thyroid condition.
I wonder, though, if your choice of meds might help. I was on Synthroid for several years and my goiter just kept on truckin' along...when I switched to Armour it shrank back down. Maybe adding some T3 would help you without resorting to removing the gland.
The "pancreas substance" and "thyroid substance" in your supplement was probably powdered dried glands from slaughtered animals (from meat-packing plants). Different people feel different ways about whether these are safe to take, but the problem is that they can be inconsistent (i.e., contents can vary from batch to batch, and so can the effect on you). But it may have made you feel better because animal thyroid preparations contain T3 (and T1 and T2) rather than just T4.
I'm not an MD or an expert, but I worked in the medical field for 7 years and have had Hashi's a little longer. You could discuss this with your doc before you opt to go one way or the other. Good luck, and I hope this helps!