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I just had some blood results come back. I do not know what to make of my Symptoms and results. My prior test results:
TSH 0.153 Range 0.35-5.5
T3 127 Range 85-205
T4 1.93 Range 0.61-1.76
My dose was changed to .125 Synthroid and I was to alternate it with my .150 Synthroid. SO an every other day thing because they were thinking I was in between the 2. My sypmtoms were frequent bowel movements not diarrhea,muscle cramping,fatique, muscle Aches,brain fog,stiffness and headaches. My adrenals glands check out good.
Now I have been on this dose for 2 1/2 weeks when they ran this test. Yes they ran it early because I called the office complaining of feeling terrible and having way to many bowel movements and feeling extemely hungry. They did the blood because they could not associate what I was feeling with Thyroid. But like I told them everyone is different and we are all not text book. Back 14 years ago when I was diagnosed with Hashi/Hypo I was hospitalized for 4 days with severe stomach and intestine problems. But oof course nothing showed on my blood work until weeks later when I showed a TSH of 95. Otherwise it was normal.

I still feel yucky. I'm so tired. My face and eyelids and hands are Puffy. For one week now my throat about where the Thyroid gland is has been sore when I swallow. My muscles are stiff and they ache. Brain fog and I still have some Frequent bowel movements. They are not as bad as before. The sore throat area is a new sypmtom. It makes the back of your neck and shoulders ache. I'm not sure what to make of this now. Is it my body responding to the med change? I have had every blood test done looking for other causes of the muscle problems and they are all negative. This stuff all started back in October when I had the Anxiety Attacks. Prior to that I have been happy with my Synthroid for 14 years. I'm frustrated because I'm an active person now not active. Everything is a chore. I have done alot of relaxtion theraphy and it helps tremendously but I need to get this back on track. Here are the results of the blood work they ran early to see what was going on. Again 2 1/2 weeks on the new dosing.

TSH 0.308 Range 0.35-5.5
T4 9.2 Range 4.5-12

I'm not sure why they did not do the Free T4 this time. It shows I'm still a little hyper but whats up with the symptoms I have. I feel more Hypo then Hyper.
Do I now call and complain of the soreness in the Thyroid area or wait for my appointment which is in another 1 1/2 weeks? I'm seeing an Endo. I gave up on my Family Pract. I called not feeling well and thought we should run blood and they said no. Turns out I was way hyper. Can anybody direct me. Do I need to target other things? I'm open to suggestions. My Adrenals have been checked and numerous tests done on my muscles and all came back just fine.

My only other thought is this very small small nodule on the right side of the thyroid. There seems to be no concerns of biopsey on it. Could this small nodule be causing the sypmtoms I'm having?

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Do you think the soarness I feel in the gland area could be from the change. Your right on the fact that there is times that I feel like I'm normal and then a couple of hours later I feel so hypo with all the muscle aches and stiffness. Today was the first time I noticed the puffy face,eyelids and hands. That was a concern to me along with the soarness in the gland area.

As it stands they want me to stick with the original dose change. The alternating .125 one day and .150 (Synthroid) the next and so on. I have never run this med this way. But they said I'm probably in between the two and they feel this is the best way to achieve a somewhere in between. It has now officially been 3 weeks on this dose. There has been some change. I could feel my body slow down on the inside. I called it the buzzing. Thanks everyone. This board is great.

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