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Hi...I was doing some reading on a thread yesterday about how we are supposed to avoid calcium and fiber for 4 hours after takng our pill.

I wake up about 7 each day and have coffee right away with half and half in it. I can't stomach black coffee and powdered creamer doesn't sit with me well.

So, I was thinking of taking my Synthroid in the middle of the night, when I get up to use the restroom....BUT, it's not always the same time eash night that I wake.

Is the calcium really a big factor, being I just have a few spoonfuls?

Any advice? Thanks :)
I get up at 6am, take my Synthroid, go for a 2.25 mile walk, read the paper and have breakfast (oatmeal with tbsp jam) at 7:15. Go to work at 8am, have coffee with non-dairy creamer. My doctor says to wait half an hour to an hour before eating. I also take my calcium supplement with the evening meal, so that's not as much of a factor.