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I had an ultrasound yesterday to follow up on my multinodular goiter. My last one was a year ago, and there were 4 nodules on the right with the largest being 1cm, and 3 nodules on left. Since last year I've been on synthroid to shrink them and for hypo symptoms.

The tech who was doing the exam was talking to me about it and saying that he didn't think I had any nodules, that the tissue was heterogenous, but didn't think nodules. He finished up and brought the actual radiologist in who did the ultrasound again, and she did find some nodules. I know they found at least one on the right side but I'm not sure how big. When they did the left side I could see the screen. They found 2 on the left, which looked like a little over 5mm and a little over 6mm. She kept commenting that they are small, and that the tissue was heterogenous which is indicative of thyroiditis, which I do have. And that my thyroid looks basically the same as it did last year.

I have an appt with my endo in the middle of june. I'm just wondering what I should talk to her about and any questions to ask. My thyroid itself didn't seem to have shrunk any. Some of my nodules are gone, but at least one on the right is there, and 2 on the left. I looked at my report from last year and the 3 nodules on the left that were there before were 3, 5, and 6mm. So it seems as if the one disappeared but 2 stayed the same.

Even thought they are small nodules, if they haven't shrunken in a year on meds should I be concerned. Should they be evaluated further? How long should it take to shrink nodules and a goiter? If some have disappeared shouldn't all of them?