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Hi there, fibromyalgia diagnosis is made if there is tenderness in atleast 11 of the 18 trigger points on the body. Did the doc do the trigger point test? Mine did and there were times where he touched me and I nearly hit the floor. Fibromyalgia was once dismissed as not real and a part of the imagination... absolutely ludicrous! Fibromyalgia is the real deal... I know. I will tell you what I have done to help me because it was really a life or death situation... I have two kids and was pretty much disabled by the thing. A conventional rheumatologist suggested I have a major operation to correct what was thought to be carpal tunnel... plus all kinds of other pain. But I did lots and lots of research and realized that first of all I may have a thyroid issue, and I have this pain. Fibromyalgia and hypothyroid are connected... not everyone believes this unfortunately and unfortunately much more pain and suffering will go on before the truth comes out. The only thing that relieved my suffering was thyroid hormone... not synthroid either... first armour, then added cytomel then cytomel alone. Finally I may be getting my life back. Great info on what I speak of and on fibromyalgia is on the web.. plug into your search engine "t3 and fibromyalgia". There is a specific website but I don't want to seem like an advertiser... hopefully you will find it on your own.