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Hi Wobbly
Thanks for asking. I'm still on the ride. I wish I knew what my gland was up to. Its wrecking havoc on my whole system. Seems my TSH is still low and they have reduced my medication. I'm now taking .125 Synthroid. It has been a week since the change I swear I feel worst. Heres a peak at my labs. I was very upset that the last blood work they only ran TSH.

On .150 Synthroid
Lab 4-7-2003
TSH 0.15 Range 0.35-5.5
FT4 1.9 Range 0.61-1.76
T3 127 Range 85-205

Then they decided I should Take my Synthorid .150 and alternate with .125.

They then ran a 4 week test to see what was going on

this was my 4 week results on the alternating dose
TSH .34 Range .35-12.0
T4 9.7 Range 4.5-12.0
T3 109 Range 85-205

Now still complaining about the same things they run only the TSH. Very discouraging. Because who knows if we made the right choice by reducing my med again.
This was run exactly at 9 weeks of taking the new dose

TSH .23 Range .35-12.0

I do not understand at all why it came back lower then the 4 week test. I thought at that point we might be getting into range. I do know from prior years that I was happy when my TSH was anywhere from .59 to .89. The doc I was seeing then only ran TSH so that is what I go by. I remember one time my TSH came back at .18 but I do not remember feeling this way.

Now I have an overall weak feeling along with very stiff achey muscles. It comes and goes too. I may have an hour where I say hey do I feel normal?? Then it comes back again. I feel inbalanced too. Can cry sometimes on a dime. One day I cried all day long. My intestinal tract is all messed up too. On my own I'm going to see a gastro doc. I had the frequent bowel movements back in April and according to my Endo it was not Thyroid related. But when we started the reduction in meds it sure returned to normal. Very frustrating!!!!!!! My poor stomach and gallbladder are not happy. Though 14 years ago prior to being diagnosed this is what I complained of. They did all kinds of tests on my intestines and came up with extra acid as a diagnose. So I relate it to my system not being right but I'm going to go and have it checked again. It seems that if it was not related, then why are we not checking it out if I complain about it. So now I have gone on my own and found a gastro doc who I see tomorrow. I hope I have the energy. So thats my story as of now. I sure had hoped I would be on the right road again. Once you start a new dose its 6-8 weeks again. Bet your sorry you asked how I felt. I'm very hermitt like