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I was Dxed with Hashis/ Hypo 6 weeks ago. My TSH at that time was 3.56 and my Free T4 was 1.1. The dr started me on 50 mcg's of Synthroid...and everything I read said that such a low dose could actually raise my TSH higher.

Well, the nurse just called and left a message...she said my TSH was 0.88 and my Free T4 was 1.4......she said the Dr said those were stable levels and to keep on the same meds...and then I see him next week.

I was shocked my TSH got that low and I am thrilled that he feels that level is good....I have heard so many dr's want it higher. I also started on 200 Selenium about 4 weeks ago.

So...what do you all think and what do you think of the Free T4? By seeing that, can you tell what my Free T3 is doing, or no?


50 mcg's of Synthroid
DX'd in May 2003