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I am a male and had my throid removed in 1999 and have been on synthroid since then at a level of 0.225 mg. My TSH level was always around 0.35 - 0.45.

Well in January I got real sick, had stomach problems - they thought I had some sort of intestinal disease. But all tests came back normal.

Meanwhile I was losing weight like crazy (175lbs down to 145lbs) in 3 months.

Well they checked my levels again and my TSH level had dropped to a whopping .01 I was getting violently ill, nausaus constantly, nervous, loose stools - everything I ate came up or out real fast.

Well my dr. about two weeks ago told me to stop taking the synthroid for a couple of weeks, and then to slowly start taking it again. My stomach problems are better - but now I am not sleeping through the night, still a little nausaus and constantly nervous and jittery.

Any idea on how long it might take to get my levels back to normal? I have also gained about 10lbs in the last 2 weeks, which is good - but it seems like this process is taking for ever! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.