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I've been taking Synthroid 100 mcg for 2 months (after having an initial TSH of 14). I just got new results back that says:

TSH see 3GENuIU/mL 0.2-5.5
TSH(3rd Gen) L 0.049uIU > 0.099

I'm confused what the 3rd Gen means and is that a different normal range? Is mine really low? I thought my initial result was pretty high and that was a low dosage of Synthroid.

My doctor told me to decrease my thyroid med to 6 days per week and recheck in 3 months. It seems strange to not take it one day a week, that the levels wouldn't stay constant. Is 100mcg the lowest dosage you can take? I'm feeling much much better, but still very tired, etc. I also don't want to wait 3 months for no reason because we really had planned to have another baby by now and are waiting to get this under control.

Thanks for any help with this!