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I am also having problems with getting cooperation from my doctor. I took my blood tests over a week ago without taking my Synthroid before I went (thanks for the advice to all of you), and my TSH came out 4.2. My doctor said this was fine because it was within the .4 - 5.5 range. I told her about the change in what was considered normal for TSH numbers, and she just brushed me off. Everything pointed to a need for medication change: lower blood pressure, pulse, and body temperature. Also, my LDL went from 118 (last time when my TSH was 1.2) now up to 135. I have been very careful with my diet and stepping up my already intensive daily exercise. All I got from my doctor was questioning on how I could let that happen! I told her it had to be not enough medicine, but she preferred to think it was something I was doing. Then she said I had gained 3 pounds, and she wanted me to lose a total of 10. I said, "SO DO I! I think my medication needs adjusting because I'm doing everything right!" She said the numbers were fine but she would order what she called sensitive thyroid tests. She told me to go right from her office to get them, and I had taken Synthroid 3 hours earlier. Well, I just found out that meant just another retake of TSH (now 3.67) and Free T-4, (1.1 within 0.8-1.8 range). Of course, she said my tests were normal and did not warrant a change in medication.

The one good thing I can say is she told me to go an all fruit and vegetable diet for 7 days to jump start my metabolism. She told me since fruits & veggies were mostly water, I would feel full and would be losing fat rather than water. I hesitated, as from everything I've read, exclusive diets aren't that great and weight is regained quickly. But, I figured since nothing else was working, I would try it. I am in day 6 of my fruit and veggie diet and I have actually lost 6 pounds. Went from 146 down to 140, a number I haven't reached in 8 years. I am going to try to continue eating this way but add on slowly. When this week is up, I'll start by adding a little protein each day and see what happens. No pasta for awhile, as I have visions of eating a bowl of spaghetti then jumping on the scale and seeing 146 again! No matter what happens, at least I got to see 140 again! I have tried to hard to get back into the 130's, so I'm really hoping. If you hear a loud "WHOOPPEE!!" coming from the southeast, you'll know I reached 139.

Sorry to be so wordy, but when I read this thread, I could relate. I'm not sure what to do about seeing another doctor -- am looking for a GP who knows something about endo, but have not been successful so far.