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i have been reading everyone's posts, and i realized that everyone is on like .125mg or a dose similar to that. was my dr. CRAZY to put me on 50mcg of synthroid plus 10mcg of cytomel??
no wonder i became hyper.

there was a chart in a book that i read and it said that 50mcg of synthroid was usually intented for 200-250lb men. i'm 130lbs. is this odd to anyone??
thanks deb
You can't base your dose off of some chart in a book that some doctor arbitrarily decided is what you are supposed to take.

Each person is different and it is possible that a one person who weighs 120 pounds might need 150mcg while a friend who weighs 250 might only need 50mcg to feel well.

The average dose that many people end up on is about 100mcg, but most people are under-treated, too. 50mcg would be a good STARTING dose for many people, because you should start low and work up. 50 mcg for a 200-250 pound man? I am a man and personally, I weigh about 170 and do very well on the equavalent of 211mcg a day. If I had to only take 50mcg, I might as well not be on meds at all. I didn't feel well on that small a dose.

However, like I said many people require lessmost likely, the problem was the Cytomel, not the 50mcg Syntheroid. 10mcg Cytomel is alot to start out with. someone adding Cytomel to 50mcg Synthroid should start at 2.5-5 mcg a day at the most.
Meep...I have a question...I am on 50 mcgs of synthroid and my TSH is at 0.88. I know when someone starts Cytomel, they are supposed to drop down the T4, but isn't the next drop down to 25 mcg's?

So, if I wanted to start on a tiny bit of Cytomel, what would I do in regard to the T4? Thanks

50 mcg's of Synthroid
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