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I have noticed that I seem to feel better in the Eve. Like around 6 at night. I currently take .125 Synthroid and just started taking a very small dose of Cytomel. Like half of half of 5mcg to start. I noticed this before adding the Cytomel. Since April my dose has been lowered twice now because of my levels being out of range. Is there any relation to the med being to strong and me feeling better in the eve. I also noticed yesterday that about 2-3 hours after I took my med I felt more achey and stiff. It makes me wonder if I need another adjustment. They did a 4 week blood test and it showed I was back into range. It is now week 6 on the change.

One more question. I noticed again sometime ago that not often but some days I notice it feels like I need to cough. Its weird and hard to describe. sometime there is a tickle with it. I'm not short of breath but my right side seems to be effected. Maybe like a cool sensation when you breath in. I had it yesterday for a little while. I have forgotten to mention it on my visits because it does not happen that often. I wonder if this is due to the med?? And should I be concerned.