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I had a partial thyroidectomy also because my nodule was cold. It ended up being non-cancerous. I am currently on Armour Thyroid which I have had much better luck with than on Synthroid.

I had the same surgery you are having, for the exact same reasons, and probably with the same symptoms....Oh and blood tests normal all the time. I can tell you that I was really scared before my surgery, I was a surgery virgin at that. Anyway, I had it on April 15th. The most awful part was how sore my throat was afterward, it was like all my esophogus muscles or whatever were on fire. I couldn't swallow very well for a day or so. I woke up with a bloody lip so I think they had trouble putting the breathing tube in and that's why my throat was so sore. The doctore even did a strep test cause he thought it stayed sore too long. I think this was an extreme, most people don't get that sore. I squeaked for about four days too. Then I got my voice back and it's fine now. I rested for the first 6 days, took my vicoprofin to sleep mostly. It was uncomfortable for me to sleep cause I sleep on my stomach, and this just wasn't possible with a new scare you see. Then on the sixth day I was walking around out side, and standing for long periods. On the seventh day I was on the treadmill walking for 20 minutes at a fast pace, it has been that pace ever since. The doc started me on .075 mcg of Synthroid and now I'm up to .088. I get tested again in two days to see if I need more meds. All in all I have felt wonderful since the surgery, better than I ever have. It is definately worth it, for anything just for the peace of mind, knowing it's not cancer, and if it is...it's out. Good Luck to you and be brave....We will be thinking of you.
Your situation sounds almost exactly as mine! I just had a total thyroidectomy on June 19 for practicaly the very same reason. I had a large nodule on my right side and smaller, solid nodules on the left. The biopsy came back "unclear", but since it was a cystic nodule on the right, it was more than likely benign. I had both symptoms of hyper and hypothyroidism before the surgery and my endo also said that med.'s would not help, but worsen the situation. So since he couldn't positively say my nodules were benign and that the larger nodule was growing and starting to cause pain, he suggested surgery. For me, the surgery was a breeze. I recovered very quickly. I didn't have any hoarsness afterwards, other than a very mild scratchy throat right afterwards. He has me on 125mcg of Synthroid which I had problems adjusting too, but now it seems okay.....except I notice my hair falling. :( I hope that's only temporary. Good luck with your surgery.