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Hi all....well, I was DX'ed with Hashi's/Hypo and a TSH of 3.56....I started on 50 mcgs of Synthroid 10 weeks ago....4 weeks ago, I had my levels checked...my TSH was 0.88 and my free T4 was in the upper range. I am still on the same dose.

In some ways I am feeling better, but still have some aches and pains...I have heard to give the body a chance to heal after the levels are good....but how long should I wait before I seek another treatment? I am scared that maybe I do have fibro along with hypo :(

I also have some misc questions....

Do any of you twitch? I get it in my muscles at times, it's painless, but lately it's been in my eyelid and it drives me nuts!

Do any of you have Petichiae? That is tiny pin dot size red dots on the skin.....my dr. has seen them and says it's fine, but it still worries me that it is bleeding under the skin :(

Well, I know I had more to ask, but can't recall them now...I will post again when I remember ;)


50 mcg's of Synthroid
DX'd in May 2003