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thanks for your reply. I did check out a few websites which did mention shortness of breath, chest tightness, but I was just curious how common this symptom is. I am hypo and currently taking .88 mg Synthroid.
I was just diagnosed with mily hypo- will start on synthroid Monday am- I have ,not really shortness of breath, but I always seem to be sighing as if trying to catch my breath, but I don't feel winded- both doctors (I went for a second opinion yesterday) said they never heard of that as a symptom- also I clear my throat a lot and and doctors never heard of that either- don't know if anyone has that syptom or what that could be

I can relate. As I was reading this post I was starting to yawn and I couldn't finish it. I never thought that it was related to being hypo. I always just thought that I was weird when this happened. (Ummmmmmmm, maybe I am anyway!! hee...hee...)Will the synthroid help with weirdness????????

I have definitely read about the clearing your throat thing and about the yawning. It is a hypo thing for sure.
What exactly is the Coenzyme 10 going to do? Would this be ok to take with Synthroid?
[quote]Originally posted by Ginger9708:
What exactly is the Coenzyme 10 going to do? Would this be ok to take with Synthroid?

CoQ10 is an antioxidant and can restore energy reserves at a cellular level and help build the immune system.

I don't know exactly what it will do now, but I did take it many years ago and remembered it made me feel better. I stopped because it is a rather expensive supplement. I don't see how it would be a problem with your Synthroid, but that is only my opinion. I take a natural thyroid supplement rather than the Synthroid.


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