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Thanks for responding!
I am on 1 1/2 grains or 90mg of Armour. I switched June 30th to armour from synthroid. I tried asking my doc for a dose increase as I would like to have my TSH in the 1-2 range but he said that we needed to wait until october and see how I am doing (which I think by then my TSH will be back in the double digits). He also said armour is harder to prescribe so that your levels are at the point that I want them to be. He said its not like a synthetic which allows for smaller dose increases. But I do believe that I saw I could get a small increase of 1/4 or even 1/2 a grain. So I think he doesnt know anything about armour. He is rather annoying me with not listening to me.
I got the book Thyroid Balance and it has helped me with understanding armour a little more. I am still reading it but I hope when all is said and done I can find a doctor that will work with me and not control me. I would love to find the CAUSE of my thyroid problem. Such as if it is hashimoto (sp?) or if its thyroiditis or what. But all he says is i will be on it for life since its been a year that my levels were bad. I wanted to tell yell at him that if he properly helped me I would be fine right now!
By the way...everything starts with a dream :) I wish you were my doc.