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Hi. Do you mean to say the endo said thyroid has nothing to with anxiety OR the psych said it? It sounds backwards.I am glad to see'The Thyroid Solution'quoted. It's a very good referance. To start out your reading on Hyop-T try 'Thyroid Power'very easy to follow.(or at least for me)I just picked up a NEW med dictionary,too.No matter what the lab reports show, you know how you feel! Are you on any thyroid medication yet? Iwannalife has a point about extensive lab work when the first are too normal for how you feel.I'm not too sure about the mm's but my thyroid is larger on the right than the left side. Don't be surpised at any thing that happens.Keep a record of what goes on. If they start you on Synthroid take sa instructed!! Hang in there! It takes a lot to get this balanced out!
Yes, definitely..... very definitely your anxiety and panic attacks can be related to your thyroid. My mother suffered for years and years with this but was told it was all in her head and they put her on psych drugs... poor thing.

She is relieved of the anxiety.... completely now that she is on armour. She tried synthroid and the panic came back full force.

Good luck

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