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It is my personal opinion (and I am not a doctor, I just play one for myself in the absence of any other competent one), that my endo let my TSH stay too high for too long after my treatment.

This, in fact, is exactly what I was afraid of! I'll bet you recall that from my posts. I was hypo for about 6 months after my treatment. Your doc was much more aggressive on this point, and you'll be better off for it, even if it causes some stress to your body. I will INSIST on Cytomel (T3 is suppose to feedback to the pituitary to stop TSH) and a hefty Synthroid dose to kick start me back to a low TSH, fast. It has its risks, and it may make me feel bad, but it would be worth it if it shuts down the tissue growth right away after treatment. I am deeply worried that if I am inclined to re-grow tissue, what is to stop me from continuing to do just that? RAI kills thyroid tissue, but it doesn’t stop you from making more if you keep doing it.

Since you were not hypo for long after your RAI, I don’t think this will happen to you. So, heads up to those of you going into this process. Make sure your doctors know about suppression therapy (making sure you are borderline hyper as soon as possible after RAI), and then watch that dosing to make sure they are getting you there.

Fortunately, I have the best family support. My hubby is great. He cooked for me all day and is taking total care of me. My kids are off with some good family friends this time. They are so strong. They are so good. I feel like such “darkness” in their lives right now. You know, I have a good life. I guess too much goodness just isn’t allowed in this rotten world.

I’ll ‘see’ you all on the other side of this – thanks for your thoughts & prayers!

Oh… I hate this…I hate this… I hate this…