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Hi. I take Synthroid. For years all I knew was to take med at the same time in the AM.Now I know about the prob w minerals and other meds. I take my Synthroid in the morning at least 1 hour before eating( leaving out milk,soy and vits.)I take Premarin and others at night. The best thing is to ask your dr or pharmacist for info. I am still finding out all kinds of stuff I wish I knew 20 years ago :)
Hi. I take .1 of Synthroid. My doctor specifically told me to make sure that I take it at least 1 hour prior to eating because if you don't, the meds will not be properly absorbed by your body which can in turn cause you to need more meds to compensate.
Hi. Leaving out soy. From what I have read 3 servings of soy a week is ok with Hypo-T. It does help w/ the hot flashes and night sweats. I just recently read about it's infuence on Synthroid. No one knew all this 26 years ago! I got updated books and read this BB and have learned alot and have passed it on to my friends.