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I noticed most people are taking cytomel with synthroid or eltrxoin along with it. I currently take 5 mcg of cytomel daily, and thats all. I took eltroxin for about 7 years (till age 16) than stopped taking anything at all for about 3 years. I find it made me very depressed, nervous, and I always gained weight. When I stopped taking it, (my choice) I became super happy, stopped gaining weight and rarely had panic attacks. So now that I am taking just cytomel, and it works (I have hashimotos) do you think I should try eltroxin again with it? I am kinda scared, I did a few trials to show doctors that I wasn't making my symptoms up- but just with synthroid by itself. My levels were a little above when they checked last time, but he didn't change my prescripion. Everything seems to be working, except for these things: intolerable of heat OR cold, loss of appetite (or maybe its just that I forget to eat due to this extreme brain fog I have- my family refers to it as my lost brain in the fog thats never coming bacK), and yeah thats about it I think. My nails seem weaker- probably due to the appetite. So what do you think? thanks!
Hi. I have a friend who was on Cytomel by itself for years and did great. That dr went away and now she can't find any dr who will rx. She is now on a natural hormone and is doing much better than on Synthroid. I really beleive that drs just pick a starting med and work from there.We know they still have a problem hearing us. I have been on Synthroid for 26 years,good,bad and indifferent. I have learned not to be too upset if a new way of dieting does not work for me. I am just soooo glad when I just DON'T gain weigth. I am seeing an endo in Nov and hope for the best! Stay with it!