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I was out of work for two months because of my hypo symptoms. About five weeks ago my Synthroid was upped to 100mcg from 75mcg and I felt worse. A week ago I started to feel better, good enough I thought to go back to work, but that was a mistake. The first few days were OK but by the week my legs were weak, brain fog started up again along with mild anxiety. I have had two days to rest now and I hope that this coming week will be better. I see my endo in four weeks. She had suggested changing to the T3 therapy next visit. I am going to insist upon it. I had an thyroid ultra sound ten days ago and haven’t heard anything. I’m assuming that no news is good news. I read your posts everyday and try any vitamin/supplement suggested, but I have yet to find any that ease the symptoms.
If you are working and enduring thyroid symptoms you have my sympathy and respect. This has got to be the most frustrating disease in the book. As one of our members put it, ‘it would be easier to deal with two broken legs’, amen.
Just venting!