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I just found out yesterday. I am now being referred to an endocrinologist which is what I wanted anyway.

Here is what I don't understand. My TSH was 8.1 and the nurse practioner while my dr. was on vacation upped my meds to 100mcg synthroid form 75 mcg. It was a big jump. When my doctor came back, 10 days after I was on the 100 mcg, I went to him about the lump in my throat. He moved my dosage BACK DOWN to 75 mcg but did bloodwork that day after 10 days 0n 100 mcg. After he moved me down, I felt worse than I ever have in my entire life. My bloodwork came back yesterday at 3.4 TSH. Obviously, I needed the higher dosage, right?

I ran out of 75 mcg pills yesterday and put myself back on the 100 until I see the endo. This is ridiculous...

Hi. How long have you been on Synthroid? For me it has been 26 years.Over these years I have basicly stayed on 100mcg. It seems to me that when my thyroid gland enlarges the levels go up and I feel really bad all around.When this happens they would drop the streingth and repeat lab work. Then when the swelling went down so did the levels and so did I. Then they would up the dose again. I guess my point is,WHO KNOWS!! I have read on this BB that several of the people have regulated their own dose when they could not get drs to hear what they are saying. I, too, have done this. Only you know how you feel! Like someone said,drs need to treat the patient,not the lab work! The lump? Does it feel like a pingpong ball? Mine does,it has gone down alot now,but I had to chew my food down to puree. Do you have sensitiveity to spicy food or carbonated drinks? I sure hope I don't get a cold or a real sore throat. Hang in there!!!