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KJ29, I hear you! It sometimes feels odd to be a male with Thyroid issues. It will get better though. I finally got DXd about 10 years ago and felt somewhat better on Synthroid for a while. For the longest time I just assumed feeling OK was as good as it would ever get. Not until recently have I done a lot of research and am on the new rollercoaster of restabilization with T4/T3, adrenal etc.
It sounds like you have a pretty good doc if he started you on Armour and took adrenal issues into account with cortef as well. Hang in there. 2 weeks of treatment is nothing. I'll bet you start feeling a lot better in 4 or so more.
To kj29-

The 30 mg. of armer throid is a very low dose so hang in there. I was on synthroid for 5 years (felt like crap all the time). Then after my daughter was born. I gained major weight, total col. 315, sweeting all the time, out of breath just walking from room to room. Blood pressure 140/160. very swollen puffy face and neck. I think every hormone in my body was out of wack.
I was sent to another doctor because I told them I couldn't take this anymore, I felt like I was going to die. The new doctor started me on 60 mg. of armor thyroid. I started feeling better after about a month. I have since been bumped up to 90 mg. I haven't lost alot of weight but some. My face & neck are getting better. My total col. is 197, blood pressure is 130/90.
I still get out of breath but I can at least function again. I had lost all strength in my legs I have regained some strength and feel 110% better but I am not 100%, But it will take time so hang in there.

also - should i get a second opinon ?? And is it possble I need synthroid ?? He also gave me a presription for something called medrol - which is similar to cortef - he stated it's only a once a day pill. Ever hear of it ???
in reply to your first post. Hang in there. I don't think your docotr has a full grasp on the treatment of adrenal fatigue and apparently extreme hypothyroidism simultaneously.

It MIGHT be better for you to stabilize on Synthroid or Levoxyl or Unithroid and get your T4 up and your TSH down, then switch to Armour later, since those are less stressful and your doctor seems to disregard your ymptoms and stress levels. The problem with doing that is that many doctors would take this as an opportunity to say "I told you synthetics were better" or something to that effect, then might try to keep you from switching back to Armour later if that is what you want to do.

Hang in there!
Hi -- I just registered and have been following your postings with interest. I've had thyroid/adrenal dysfunction for years now and wanted to add a suggestion to what has already been written.

First, you should be aware that it takes about 6 weeks for thyroid supplementation to take full effect. Not that you cannot feel effects sooner, but the active hormone is something called a transcriptional activator - -in other words, thyroid hormone works in a lot of the body's tissues to help "turn on" other genes, and so it takes a while for the entire cascade to take place. Armor thyroid differs from the synthetic preps in that it is a combination of T4 and T3 (the synthetics are all T4). The body normally takes T4, which is produced by the thyroid gland, and converts it to T3. Many of us hypothyroid patients have trouble converting for some reason, so the T3 part of Armour really can help;. (An alternative is to supplement levoxyl or synthroid with a synthetic preparatin of T3, Cytomel.) So I'm a little surprised that on Armour, you weren't feeling some positive effects sooner than the predicted 6 weeks -- T3 is short-acting and quickly absorbed, and most people feel the effects of T3 supplementation more quickly than if they just take T4. This makes me wonder what else might be going on in your body to contribute to the crappy feelings.

I was there myself about 1.5 years ago, and here's what helped me. I realized that my diet was fairly heavy on the high-glycemic foods (I love bread, cereals, potatoes, etc.) and not very good on the fiber and protein end of things. So I modified my diet along the lines of the Perricone Prescription (more veggies, fruit, lots of fish, included a little protein with every meal) and noticed a PROFOUND change in the way I felt. For one thing, I stopped catching every cold that came my way. I also began to lose weight for the first time since becoming hypothyroid/adrenal deficient.

For the adrenal insufficiency, I took supplements containing pretty high doses of B5 and B6, and licorice root. It turns out that B5/B6 are crucial for the adrenal glands to perform their functions. This took a bit more time, but my adrenal levels went back to normal within about a year (and I felt CONSIDERABLY better long before that). I think there is a benefit to treating the body gently --your poor body has had a kind of rough time, and it might be good to allow it time to catch up to your meds before jumping into higher doses.
Finally, one of the best things I did was read a book by a doctor named Teitelbaum who is a chronic fatigue specialist (From Fatigued to Fantastic). I know it sounds like a hokey title, but this book has the most accurate information I've found on the many different facets of fatigue (including hormonal disruptions like thyroid and adrenal gland problems). He also has appendices in the back with information about how to find physicians in your area who are experts in handling these sorts of complex syndromes, and he has valuable advice about talking to your physician about what kinds of tests to run (lots of docs, as you probably know, are stuck in traditional modes of thinking and not really up on the latest research).

Anyway, sorry this has been kind of long, but I really hope some of it helps. I hope you can start feeling improvement soon.


Greetings all

I guess I got here the hard way.
Born pituitary defecient, nothing has ever worked quite the same as anyone else.

Started losing adrenal function 6 years ago, 3 years ago was so low when they tested me that my cortisol level was undetectable. :(

Been up, down, back & forth but prednisone & synthroid has been the worst for me so far. Big time crash & burn with wild mood swings.

I'd be interested in learning a lot more about "natural" cortisol, & anything to do with thyroid.

Seems me & thyroid just don't get along.

KJ29 don't give up man.
I know its hard to keep a positive attitude when its as bad as you have it. It IS possible that you will eventually find exactly what your body needs. Keep researching, testing, do as much as you can with diet, etc.

Any other tools you can find to help will all make it easier, ie I use Reikki daily.

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