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i guess your antiTG is 82...and my guess is that is within normal range
Fist of all...you should have a goiter...you need an echo of your gland to see the size of it.
As your antibodies are that high i assume that you are on a late stage of the thyroiditis...and as for the symptoms ....YES of course hashis can produce this kind of symptoms and my guess is that you have to blame your hasmimoto and your doc for your condition.
Change endo immediately and talk with him your blood tests.
Usually on hashis it is prescribed as therapy l-thyroxine(synthroid) so that the goiter and the hypohtyroidism can be treated.
Good luck

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I am on synthroid - .150. And yes, I have a goiter - it's been there for 20 years with no problems until now.

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