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I had my thyroid removed 3 weeks ago because of a large 5 cm hurthle cell tumor.

Last week I saw my surgeon and the final pathology report finally came back - it said that it is PROBABLY benign. This seemed to worry the surgeon, but I was very relieved and happy! The surgeon started me on synthroid and I have been feeling wonderful (lots of energy and no more hair loss). But, he decided to get another, third, pathology report just to be safe.

He just called and said that it is malignant and that I have to get off the synthroid. I have been feeling so great and now I have to get off the synthroid and feel bad again.

Isn't this strange that the first two reports said probably benign and now they are saying it is definitely malignant? Please help me.

Hello, Thank you so much for your responses. I just really want to get back on the synthroid since I was feeling so much better when I was on it. Cytomel, hmmm, Dr. did not mention that at all. Can I take that before the total body scan? I will ask him to put me on it on Tuesday.

I am only 23 yrs old and the average age for hurthle cell thyroid cancer is 50. I just don't understand why this is happening to me at this age. I am trying to stay positive, but it is so tough.

Thanks, Courtney