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Thyroid Profile normal per labcorp
TSH 4.749 0350-5.500
thyroxine T-4 10.7 4.5 -12.0
t-3 uptake 25 24-39
free thyroxine index 2.6 1.2-4.9
triodthyronine t3 121 85-205
this means what? these are results from end of May I complained of still feeling like &^&* and they tested my tsh again it is at 4.50 bumped me to .75 from .50 synthroid are numbers different for us all why do they go by numbers not how the person feels
And that, my dear friend, is the question we would all LOVE to know the answer to!
Did they do a free t3 and free t4 on you? Also, your TSH at 4.50, although considered normal by your labs ranges, is considered high according to the new ranges suggested by the American Institute of Clinical Endocrinologists. Their suggested range is .3-3.0.
I brought this up to my doc on my last visit with him. He denied it and said I was wrong. I went to him with a TSH of 8.6 (taken during an emergency room visit). He said that was "just a little" high. With, that I thought I was going to die! One of my scary weird symptoms (for hypo anyway) was heart palpitations. Now that I'm on 75mcg synthroid, that symptom seems to have subsided substantially. I thought that only happened with hyper but I guess I was wrong. And my hair isn't falling out as badly. Yippie!!! So, hopefully this is all leveling out for me.
How are you feeling now?? Are your symptoms improving?
I'm so impatient, it's unreal. That's what's been the worst for me is waiting for something to improve. It takes so long to see changes in this. But I am beginning to see a light now at the end of my tunnel. I'm still digging myself out but at least I can see it.
Good luck to you. I hope you're feeling better now.
What ever tests they did were in above post... I'v e been on ,75 for 3 days dont feel a change just some palpatations, almost anxiety like ,went to the Neurologist today she was more understanding than any PCP why of course she has a thyroid problem she told me people with thyroid also tend to develop restless leg at night which I have she put me on Klonopin Ive never taken any form of medication now at almost 43 I am on synthroid, nexium, have zoloft but refuce to take it and should start Klonopin a walking drugstore , I would take my health of feeling like my old self over a million dollars no exageration...
I know how you feel. I never had to take medications before other than the occassional antibiotic and cough medicine. Now I'm taking Mirapex (for RLS at night), synthroid, flexeril and cataflam. I only take the flexeril and cataflam as needed (rarely). I was on xanax but stopped that shortly after starting synthroid. I don't need to take it now as the depression is much better since the TSH has gone down some.
When I started taking all these meds, I was 40. I'm 41 and I HATE taking pills.
It took about 7 weeks for me to begin seeing any improvement in my condition. I hope it doesn't take long for you.
I appreciate you telling me what your neurologist said about RLS at night and thyroid. I never really put the two together although it had crossed my mind that it could be related.
Is Klonopin a Parkinson's type drug like Mirapex? Since I started taking Mirapex, I have noticed that I'm more rested and I don't sleep as many hours as I used to.
My best advice, try not to let this get you down. It can be a long road this thyroid thing. We all get down sometimes. It really helps me to vent on this board. I found that this is the only place I can go to where you guys all understand. None of my family understands because they don't have have this disease. It's gonna be OK.