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I have had Hashis for at least 7 years (probably more). I have to admit, when I am on meds I feel better. Only problem is that I don't feel that I was medicated enough. I used to be on 88 mcg of Synthroid, but just wasn't feeling right (tired, fatigued easily, cold, cranky, etc). I think 100 mcg or somewhere between the 2 would have been just right for me. We'll see what my new doctor has to say about it. That is my worst trouble... finding a doctor. My last one put me on 3 grains of Armour. Then he was on vacation and I was on nothing! Now a month later, he finally dropped me down to 2 grains, but I think I will only take half the pill (to bring me down to 1).

Honestly, I've never felt awful when I haven't been on medication. Just "not right", even when my TSH rose to around 800. I have been extremely fortunate with this disease.

About the nodules... I had a thyroid scan a few years back due to my doc finding some, but any nodules that I had just disappeared. Right now, I'm not worrying about having the thyroid removed.

Howdy - I've had Hashi's about five years now, and the only progression I've had is a steady need to increase the meds. I started with Synthroid 50 mcg. Now I take Unithroid 125 mcg. (I just like that brand better, Synthroid has an additive that makes me gassy.) My dose adjustments come about every year and a half - 50 to 88 to 88 alternating with 100, to 100, now 125. It just seems like when I crash, I really crash. It just hits me out of the blue, and WHOMP, the TSH shoots up and I need a new dose. My doctor and I like to treat it aggressively and keep the TSH between 1 and 2, and I feel pretty good. My thyroid is a little bit enlarged, but it's not really a goiter and there are no nodules. So, I don't think everyone necessarily develops those.