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If you start feeling shaky, nervous, or are still very tired, but tsh is lower than 1. This is only my opinion. When I was on Synthroid, I would hit that shaky, hair falling out stage, but never get rid of my hypo symptoms. When I changed to Armour, got rid of most of my hypo symptoms except tired and when I tried to go above 3 grs. I would get shaky/nervous, but still feel some hypo. I have lowered my Armour some and will start cytomel next week. I don't have a thyroid and don't seem to convert T4 very well. This is only my opinion though. I am treating symptoms right now, then I'll worry about the #'s. IWL
i'm not on armour so can't speak to that, but i take synthroid and MUST take cytomel in order not to feel mega-depressed .. my T3 must be quite hi, and THEN the AD can kick in, but i sure had a lousy time of it and am just now starting to get better ...

:D jb