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Hello I have a question for anyone out there--I am not reacting to these thyroid hormones very well at all-having a lot of side effects etc... So anyway my endo suggested that I take synthroid one day and levoxyl on the oposite day to get the benefits of both--has anyone ever done that or even heard of that --I asked my family doctor and he said no way!!!!!!!--So here we are --I also wanted to know if anyone out there was close to me in frame at all and what you are taking (I know everyone is differant)but I am 115lbs and I'm taking 50mcg's --maybe it needs to be lower I don't know --I know I just have to be patient and take a blood test in a few weeks but I just want to feel good as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!!
As far as I know they don't dose your hormone replacement on weight, I however have always taken synthroid, however I was on levoxyl once it was what the pharmacy offered as a generic, it didn't work for me. A few months later I was working out of state and needed a refill on synthroid the pharm didn't have it and I was facing a week without my meds, the pharm there had to order it, and I was given a long explanation that even though they are both replacing the same hormone they are binded diff and you couldn't mix the two. one is not the same as the other, Why your doc would have you switiching I have never heard that before it seems that they would want you to get the same dose in the same way each day I would question that. I'm sure there is someone on this board that can give you a better exp. Hope this helps
Levoxyl and Synthroid are both T4 meds, so I don't see how alternating them will help. They are the same except for the filler ingredients, which synthroid had a lot more of. I think the only time they can go on weight is when you have no thyroid, and they are trying to place you on total replacement. I know I'm 125lbs, and the endo started me on 137 right after surgery, way to much though, so I've gone down to 125. BTW Levoxyl isn't generic synthroid. I wish Pharmacists would stop saying that. It's just another brand of T4. I have heard of drs putting Cytomel with T4, but never 2 differnt T4, I would ask your Dr. why???? Good luck