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she should be having blood work done every 6 to 8 weeks to see where her levels of hormone are. has she had any of these done? also she should request the free t4, free t3 and tsh tests to get a true reading on what she needs. there are many different hormones that can be prescribed. there is synthetic t4 which would include synthroid, levothroid and levoxyl. or there is natural thyroid which is armour which has t1,t2,t3, and t4. there is also thyrolar which is a synthetic t3,t4. also there is cytomel which is a t3. it depends on her body and if she is converting t4 to t3 what would work for her best. if she is converting t4 to t3 than a synthetic t4 should work but if she is not she would need a combination hormone. although she may not even need the hormone depending on what her lab numbers are. I would definately start there with the blood work to see where her levels are. hope this helps :)