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I went to my doctor today and mentioned that my adam's apple has not decreased for the 2 years i have been on synthroid. She mentioned doing and uptake, i guess is a test with ions, i am not sure. Is anyone more familiar with that? i guess is to see if is cancerous, which is not what it seemed like from the ultrasound.
The doctor thinks that my thyroid is not functioning at all, thats why i do not have any of the hypo symptoms. She also suggested to have surgery and remove it. that seems a little scary too me. has anyone done that before, or know of the consequences?
thanks for your help
Another opti
The last time I felt myself getting a goiter I started taking selenium supplements, that day I noticed a difference and by the 3rd day it was gone. Selenium helps your T4 convert into T3. Also, you may want to talk to your doctor about synthroid, it isn't working for you! Armour or another med with t3 and t4 might work better for you. Or you can ask for a T3 drug to be added along with your synthroid.Good Luck!