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I have been diagnose for 2 years now, funny thing is I don't even know If I have Hyper thyroid or hypo, I was prescribed Synthroid .025mg, I have been taking it for two years and it doesn't seem like the bump in my neck is dissapearing, i still have constant hair loss, big amounts(handfuls) when i am in the shower. I went to a Naturopath doctor today that offer me to do Saliva testing which he says is more accurate, and he used something to measure my metabolic rate and said it was slow, but yet I haven't gained or loss weight in about 2 to 3 years. I do not seem to have any hypo symptoms but yet I am on synthroid.
Does anyone share my condition?
I asked for a copy of my blood work today, but I do not know what it means, could someone help me.
They all read High Sensitivity and Reference Range 0.30-4.00, TSH Results 0.75,2.28, 5.83 from most recent to first one. What does this mean, should I be seeing an endocrinologist instead of a naturopath?
any input would be helpful. Thank you
You are hypo, synthroid is prescribed for hypothyroidism. .025 mcgs of synthroid is the lowest possible dose of synthroid. I can not beleive that in 2 years you have never been bumped up in dosage. The reason that you still have symptoms is because you are not fully treated. I would get a Free T3 and Free T4 test, along with an anitbodies test. I have been taking selenium 200 mcgs and my goiter reduced in size and is back to normal. I felt results immediately the first day, by day 3 it was gone. I also take 400 i.u.'s of vitamin e as they work with the selenium. The selenium helps convert your T4 into T3. Until you get in for another visit I would supplement with these two things. Also, think about a new doctor as the one that keep you on .25 of synthroid for 2 years should be FIRED, that is GROSS INCOMPETANCE!!!

Please pardon any typo...obviously it is because I'm hypo!