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Interestingly, for me the difference between being a little off on amount of hormone and a lot off has just been time-- meaning if I take way too little hormone I get severe hypo symptoms fast and can tell quickly but if I'm just a little too low I can't tell until weeks later when I feel the same severe symptoms as in taking way too little but because the symptons creeped up over weeks I just didn't notice that I was feeling a little worse each day. It just hits me and I get frustrated that I spent weeks going down hill in health.

I think that is what is happening to me now on Armour. A week ago I started on 2 grains and felt pretty good the first day but a day later, I could tell I was hypo so I upped to 3 grains. Then for the last 5 or so days, I just couldn't tell anything because I felt good. But I worked out hard two nights ago and the soreness isn't going away -- a classic hypo symptom for me which tells me 3 grains ain't enough.

So yesterday and today I took 4 grains, an unbelievable amount of hormone for me. If I took that much synthroid, I'd definitely feel toxic by now. But so far, I, once again, don't feel anything abnormal. I'm really amazed how much better my body seems to handle armour than synthetic. Now, it's just going to be some fine tuning-- I hope.

Anybody else finding that they need to take 4 grains of Armour?