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Ok, I am starting to feel like this scan is going to be a complete waste and I have gone off my meds for nothing :( I have been doing a lot of reading and from my understanding hot OR cold nodules can be cancer, and therefore it seems an FNB is needed anyways and this scan could have been skipped...grrrrr....has anyone had a scan and then not had an FNB (fine needle biopsy).

Also, before I was taken off meds, my TSH was low .3 and it did not suppress my gland at all, that was with Synthroid, should Armour do a better job?

There is a side of me that just wants to have the stupid thing taken out and be done with it, because I have also heard I should have an FNB every 6 months forever to watch for cancer.....

I have heard that my TSH should be completely suprressed to 0 to shrink the nodules, but then what if that makes me hyper????

This is driving me all CRAZY ;)

I need advice and thoughts...anyone???

No meds, waiting for scan