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Right when we wanted to have a second child I was tested as hypo with TSH 14. Now, 6 months later I'm on .75 Synthroid since my last TSH test of .05. (I had one 2 weeks before that that was .02, and the doctor retested because we couldn't believe it, since I'd already had my dosage lowered from 1 to .88, because the last test had been .04, 8 weeks earlier.) He also tested T3 and T4, which were in the middle of normal range.

My regular doctor and a perinatalogy doctor both told me that it's okay for me to get pregnant now, and I want to believe them, but I'm still not feeling that great. Is .02 or .05 still a pretty normal TSH? I've been getting headaches and bloating, and heart races if I have any caffeine at all. My doctor says, oh, don't worry about it, and doesn't seem to think I have any problem. Is being slightly hyper any risk for a baby? I also wonder how easily I can even get pregnant with the 25-day cycle I've been having.