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Boy, have I got a story for you, but it's getting pretty late tonight and I have to work in the morning, so I'll try to make a long story short.

June 24 my primary care doctor felt a thyroid nodule during annual physical. I had not been having any symptoms and all labs were within normal limits. She had me schedule a thyroid sonogram. That revealed three solid masses, one of which was pretty large at 3.6 cm. She then referred me to an ENT surgeon.

On July 28 I had a near-total thyroidectomy with a diagnosis of a papillary carcinoma. The other two masses were benign. The large one was one of the two benign masses.

Anyway, I just saw an endo today to help me with regulating my synthroid. That appt. went very well, but I don't have time to post about it tonight.

My point is this. If my doctor hadn't thought she felt a nodule during a routine exam, I would still be going about my normal routine with a thyroid cancer. The fact is though that 95% of thyroid nodules are benign, I just happened to fall into the 5%.

Definitly call your doctor and get some answers to your questions. A sonogram should reveal whether a nodule is a solid mass or a fluid filled cyst. If a solid mass is revealed, they can do a FNB (fine needle biopsy).

Good luck tomorrow when you call your doctor. Post what you find out. I'll check back after work. Have a great day.


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