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How does selenium help with symptoms. I have Hashi's, and had most of my thyroid removed. The remaining bit promptly quit working. I am just looking for help with fatigue and muscle pain. I have split my Armour dose 2 gr am 2 gr pm and am taking 20 mg cortef (recently posted I took 40mg - brain cramp, couldn't add) I have problems with short term memory and "brain fuzz" like I'm detatched. Despite all this I feel sooo much better than when I was on synthroid. I also take Wellbutrin...and would like to get off it - I have seasonal affective disorder, any suggestions. I do appreciate the ones I have received and I have learned much from reading.
I was on selenium for a month and went from hypo to hyper so doc cut down my Synthroid dosage. I still stayed hyper, so I quit taking it for 10 days, then went hypo again. After I started the Synthroid, I went back to hyper. I don't quite know what to do. Seems my thyroid is working fairly well if I take selenium every day, but do I stop the Synthroid or what? I sure can't take both because I hate being hyper...it's a nightmare.

Marilyn :)
Iwannalife, I've thought the same thing, but am afraid to drop the Synthroid altogether because if the selenium isn't enough, I really go downhill fast and it's not a pretty sight. I have an app't with a new endoc the 22nd, and will ask her that same question. I do want to figure this out and get it right, but you're right, it's a matter of juggling things around and I'm the freakin' guinea pig!

Marilyn :)
Sorry, I don't know whether selenium affects hyperT.
I do know my labs went from hypo to hyper while I was taking both Synthroid and Se, but I'm not convinced that wouldn't have happened on Synthroid alone. Now that I'm taking Armour, I've suspended the Se for the time being, just in case it did have an effect. The Se alone did not help my symptoms during the time I was off Rx med.

Here's a link to Se information. There is a chart of foods and their Se content near the bottom of the page. ~ [url="http://www.cc.nih.gov/ccc/supplements/selen.html#food"]http://www.cc.nih.gov/ccc/supplements/selen.html#food[/url]