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I really don't think i can answer your question, but I also have a goiter, which showed up in the ultrasound as enlarged, that is the only symptom that i have, I have been diagnosed hypo, but mine did show in the blood.
maybe they should try doing other test, i have never done the free T3 or free T4, but maybe you can ask your doctor about it. I actually also had a new test done saliva test, i do not know much about it though.
I was told today by my doctor about checking to see if i have a cancer through an uptake, but i am not sure yet how that works either. She also told me about surgically removing it. which really scares me.
I pretty much am as clueless as you. According to what i have heard they are supposed to put you on meds immediately to prevent it getting worse , but i don't know how it works if they didn't find anything in the blood. I have a friend that was diagnosed with hyperthyroid and was on synthroid for 3 years even though it never showed up in the blood. now she no longer takes it because she never had it. I guess docs are really screwed up, maybe you should go to someone else, or suggest other test.