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thanks so much for asking about me. my RAI went very well. i had no bad side effects. it was a pain in the rear to be in the hospital for 2 days but all and all it was a "non-event" to steal from another fellow cancer patient. i had some soreness in the glands right behind my ear lobe and along my jaw line the day after my dose but it went away that afternoon. I drank a ton of water the day after as instructed and my radiation level dropped unusually fast according to the radiation people. in fact, if there wasnt an illinois law saying you have to keep ppl for 2 days they could have let me go home after one since my levels dropped so fast.

so i came to my parents house for the after care part since their house is so much bigger than my apartment. besides it was just too much to stay away from my honey but still in the same house. its worked out well. mom has taken great care of me and we have really been able to spend some much needed time together (while still maintaining a prudent distance of 3 feet of course :D)

i flying back to chicago tomorrow night. im glad to be getting home in time for my birthday on monday and have most of this behind me. i go for another body scan on tuesday then back to work. ive been on the synthroid since thursday and its going well. no side effects that i can see. i was unusually tired the first 2 days after i got here but id think more radiation than synthroid. i felt pretty great today.

thanks again for checking on me. i was banned for posting my stupid email address for you so i couldnt reply lol. sorry about that. hope you are doing well.