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I was dx 10 years ago with Hashi's but never put on meds until now. Dr. Said that the levels were okay, but that eventually I would have to go on meds. That time came this summer. But about 25 years ago, just after youngest son was born, I could not gain weight to save my soul. That lasted about 3 years. Now I am about 100 pounds over weight. I think that I was hyper back then, and have been on a sea saw since. The dr. just never found it until the sudden weight gain was so dramatic that they looked a bit harder. I am still trying to adjust. It is not going well. Dr. told me that it takes about 3 months before we will know if I need more or different meds. So far, I am 6 weeks into 100 mcg Synthroid.
Hi, yes I was diagnosed with hyper initially. TSH was <.01. Now, I'm hypo with my last TSH reading of 78.81! On synthroid .75mcg for 2 1/2 weeks and have noticed no changes yet in the physical symptoms, except I'm not getting leg cramps anymore.