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I can definitely vouch for this - My blood pressure kept cimbing over the last 1-2 years and was sitting at about 140's/90s when I started synthroid. I've been on synthroid about 2 months now and I am consistently reading in the 120's or less over 80's. My endo even said, "unexplained hypertension - always look to the thyroid"....

So at least some things are visably better!

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PS Just wanted to add that I am 38 yr old and my peak blood pressure was 153/112 at the endo's office and they were concerned about it...but they wanted to wait until the synthroid had a chance before starting me on BPmeds....

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I have had the same problem you describe. Last year my thyroid just about quit working and I became very ill. When I got to the doctor my blood pressure was 180/120. (Six months earlier it was 110/60.) My doctor put me on BP medicine which I took for about 2 months and quit because I didn't like taking it, plus I was exercising regularly and my BP had gone down. Well, I quit exercising and started eating alot of junk and it went back up. My doctor told me that I needed to get it down because it would cause my heart to enlarge. Well, I really didn't want to take the meds so he sent me to have some blood work to see what was causing it. The results were that I am insulin resistant. What's amazing to me is that the doctor told me that having insulin resistance can sometimes cause your thyroid gland to not function properly, but the lab tests will appear normal. I think it interferes with the conversion of T4 to T3. So, anyway, now I am on a diet like the sugar busters. No sugar, white flour, french fries, just healthy food. And I am taking a very small dose of Actos. My blood pressure went down within a few days of going without sugar. Now if I eat anything with sugar in it my blood pressure goes up.

I also was having panic attacks which have stopped since I went on this diet. I tried going without my cytomel 5 mg for a few weeks to see if that was causing the panic attacks, but my hair started falling out and I just didn't feel right. So I started taking it again. I guess that would also explain why I need T3 in addition to the synthroid.

The test for it is a fasting 2 hour glucose tolerance test which also tests the insulin levels.